"We Take You AND Your Car Home!"    
"We Take You AND Your Car Home!"

About Us


Designated Drivers on Demand was founded in 2010 by Phil Baca, a retired 20 year police veteran. Phil Baca grew frustrated over his 20 year career, seeing and witnessing so many fatal DWI incidents. After retiring, he began to look into why people were not using services such as taxis, Safe Ride, or even calling a friend or family member for a ride home after having too much to drink.

  1. They Don’t Want To Leave Their Vehicle Behind.

  2. They Don’t Want a Friend or Family member to know they had to much to drink.

His Solution: Designated Drivers on Demand

DD on Demand is dedicated to offering a dependable and confidential driving service and DUI prevention program to improve the safety and security of the communities we serve. We ensure the safety of our clients and their guests, one drive at a time.


All of our drivers must pass a criminal back ground check and have a clean driving record. We are all dedicated to providing excellent customer service by responding to our client’s calls for help and getting them and their vehicle home safely.

Typical Scenerio:

“What am I going to do? It is 2 AM. I drove my friends to the bar and we all drank too much. I can’t drive, and my car is in the parking lot. I have to work tomorrow morning. How do we all get home, including my car? Who can I call at 2 AM?”

The answer:


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